Why You Should Have a Long Sleeve Shirt In Your Wardrobe

Have you ever tried on a long sleeve shirt as a guy? Every guy who has worn a long sleeve shirt can attest to the lovely feeling of confidence it gives to it's wearer and if you haven't tried it, here are some reasons why you should.

1.      You Can Wear It With Any Kind Of Pants: A long sleeve shirt goes along perfectly with any kind of men's pants, be it a denim jean, a chinos, Khaki, pleated pants, flat fronts and the likes. Unlike other types of shirts, it won't make you feel out of place and it would make you blend perfectly in any kind of event gathering depending on the kind of pants you wear to go with it, which takes us to the next reason.

2.      Perfect For All Occasions: A long sleeve is more like a life saver for any kind of occasion that arises. You've got a formal interview? A long sleeve shirt is the perfect clothing for the interview, you can put on a suit on it, add a tie with either a pleated pants or flat fronts and you're ready to smash the interview. This combination can also be used other formal setting like an interview, worn to corporate workplaces, a date and lot's more.
You can also wear a buttoned downed or a round neck long sleeve shirt to a party, to visit a friend and also a date with a jean or a chinos to go with it and you've perfectly blended into an informal or semiformal setting like a chameleon.
And of course, there are different kind of long sleeve shirts with various kind of designs that are also fitted for some kind of occasions. You can check our gallery to see what style you'd love.

3.      It Blends Well With Other Accessories: A long sleeve shirt can be worn with extra clothing accessories like a tie or a bow tie that can be worn along with a suit or a tuxedo. You can also wear it on a leather jacket, varsity jacket or any other kind of jacket and you'll be looking exquisitely cool on it. A round neck long sleeve shirt can be worn with a hoodie, like a zip up hoodie or a men's grey hoodie and you'll easily get that hip hop feeling.
A buttoned down long sleeve shirt is also theperfect men's shirt to wear with a wristwatch.

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4.      It Can Be Your Ally When You Need To Cover up: A long sleeve can help tp cover injuries or scars in our arms that we do not want people that aren't really close to us to see. You are probably going to visit your prospective in laws for the first time and you want to make a first time impression without showing them that big tattoo on your arms, a long sleeve can keep it hidden for the mean time.

5.      It is Stylish: Yeah we all know a long sleeve shirt is stylish, like why would you wear a clothing if it isn't stylish. A long sleeve shirt's stylishness is on another level because you can wear it long and you would look good, or fold it up a little or to your elbow to make it short and you would even look better or you simply pull it up a little from your wrists and you're looking like exquisite. Any style you decide to go with you're sure to look stylish.

We've got a wide variety of mens long sleeve styles and designs which you can browse through on our gallery and order for.

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